“Like Charlie Brooker raised Tracy Emin’s and Sarah Lucas’ love child.”

- Laura Zerebeski, artist

About Sára

Canadian artist Sára Molčan (b. 1986) captures the universal desire to be liked through her large-scale paintings. Using herself as a vessel, Molčan’s work speaks to the careful curation of our own displays of emotions, our imperfect existence, and the ambivalence towards romantic partners in an effort to seem like you don’t care.

Known for her exploration of how social media penetrates daily existence, she questions and confronts the notions of our curated exposure of self-disclosure, sense of insecurity and the need to consistently reinvent ones’ brand.

“As an artist, I have become endlessly fascinated with this mask I wear – the inescapable reality of a millennial. The disingenuous mask of vulnerability and feeling I display online to seem personable; the casual indifference I display to the physical world. My curation of self is far more prevalent offline than online, so I question if I can merge these into a single identity,” says Molčan. “My calculated and critical performance of self is dictated through my experiences, including physical and emotional trauma; creating an intimate void that I seek to feel with likes and comments in the digital realm.”

Molčan’s work translates the ephemeral selfie into analog format, using technology as a veil of abstraction. Drawing inspiration from user interfaces, sexting, and identity play, her larger-than-life selfies demand to be removed from context and placed back in the digital world.

Currently hosting self-funded solo exhibitions, you can catch Sára’s work in Vancouver, Canada. See exhibitions for upcoming events.