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The internet is such a wonderful place - it allows us to connect to people across the globe. That said, buying online is a tricky process. I highly recommend looking over the information below, and if you have any follow up questions or concerns, please fill out the contact form below.

Currency & Pricing

All prices are in USD. Stripe and PayPal are the only payment providers at this time, and you can use credit, certain debit cards, Apple Pay, or prepaid VISA/MC gift cards. The charge will be converted and will show up on your statement in your own currency. For an estimation of the cost of a product in your own currency, I recommend using this converter. I spend a lot of time thinking about prices and ensuring that the quality lives up to the expectation that comes with a price tag. As I ship primarily with USPS and deal with American companies, I have shifted from operating in CAD to USD.

Canadian Shoppers

If you are a Canadian buyer and would like to privately purchase in Canadian, I only accept Square Payments or Interac e-Transfers for purchases. You will need to contact me to arrange purchase and payment. This option is only available on small & medium works, original paintings, and prints. The only time merchandise is available in Canadian currency is during the Eastside Culture Crawl in Vancouver every November. 

Shipping & Customs

I sell prints and merchandise worldwide, and my shop is ready to do so with shipping options for domestic and international. I have sold to the following countries with no issue: Canada, Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Finland, Japan, and Malaysia. While I do offer worldwide shipping, I must stress that I have no control over customs withholding parcels, delays on importing the parcel, or any VAT/customs charges you might accrue. I strongly recommend checking with your country guidelines before purchasing online. You are responsible for these charges and I do not offer reimbursement. If you have any questions about where your order will be shipping from, please email me.

For paintings that are not listed in my shop, I will ship worldwide, but I do require you to email me for an updated shipping quote prior to purchase and will invoice you through Square Payments to complete your order. For Australian buyers interested in paintings, my work is done on wood and Australia has a strict policy regarding the importation of timber products. Your painting may be inspected by customs for quite some time. Take a look at the information located here for more.

I opt to ship as economically as possible while keeping the print, artwork, or merchandise protected from the elements and damage. Some of the carriers I use are: Canada Post, USPS (most common), FedEx, FedEx Smart Parcel, APC Parcel, UPS, and Purolator. If I ever overcharge on shipping, I will process a partial refund through my payment providers. All shipping charges include the cost of packaging the product or print. Prints require additional backing and cushioning with chipboard, and also require special mailers to keep the print as flat as possible. 

I also offer studio pickup for prints, cards and paintings only. Shoot me an email or message to find out my upcoming availabilities and to get a free shipping code. Alternatively, leave a note in the notes box on the checkout form and I can do a partial refund of your purchase to credit back the shipping charge. As merchandise is made to order and shipped directly from the manufacturer, I cannot offer studio pickup at this time. All notations about where the product ships from is in the listing.

Returns & Exchanges

I do not accept returns or exchanges for products simply based on buyer's remorse or error. I recommend thinking your purchase through before submitting your payment information. My print presales sell 3-4 weeks prior to shipping, paintings take several days to package for shipment, and made-to-order products must be created prior to being sent out. All of these elements prevent me from accepting returns.

There is a very small window of about 24 hours between your order and your made-to-order merchandise going into production. If you have made an error choosing a design, a phone size, or in your shipping address, please email me immediately or you will be too late for those minor adjustments.

However, in the rare case of loss or severe damage, I will happily exchange your item for a replacement of the same item. Regarding loss, I will make all efforts to help retrieve the item with the postal services and your cooperation. In the event the package has been lost, I will replace your item within my control. Repeatedly abandoning items at your local post office does not constitute loss. 

What constitutes severe damage? If your print shows up torn or your merchandise is broken, I will replace your item. Shipping back the destroyed item is mandatory for merchandise as it goes to the manufacturer, but a photograph of the print will suffice. If there is a slight bend on the edge of the print, please let me know, but that does not constitute damage worthy of reprinting. As I do limited edition prints, I try to ensure that all prints are carefully packaged and make it to their final destinations without harm.

Lost, damaged, or other issues with merchandise items must be reported within 29 days of the expected delivery (for loss) or actual delivery date in order to have your order rectified. After 29 days, I can no longer process an exchange or replacement for you.

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