Love, madness / by Sára Molčan

My series Love, madness (written as LOVE/MADNESS on promotion materials) was launched with a one-day pop-up exhibition on August 23, 2019. Reflective of the ephemeral quality of social media, the show existed for mere hours before being taken down. The show exists only in the pictures and videos that were taken that night. As much as I would like to recreate the show in the digital sphere, it’s difficult to replicate the interactive elements of the show and the way the audience shared their experience.

“As ephemeral as the media it represents, my series LOVE/MADNESS encapsulates the way our careful curation of self through our desire to remain ambivalent impacts our relationships. It has become my goal as an artist to dissect and reflect society’s feverish scrambling to fill the void of isolation with virtual admiration. I am particularly interested in how my own indulgence of digital regurgitation directly impacts my romantic relationships. So is it love or is it madness? Neither, I am just pixels.”

In the end, nine paintings plus the title wall were activated with augmented reality. Some of the effects included pop-up tweets, text conversations, eye rolls, and moving bottles. It engaged the audience and allowed for a shared experience. If you missed it, you really missed out on something wild.

For those who were unable to attend, below is the full series, installation view, short video tour of the AR effects, and images from the pop-up exhibition. Event photos taken by Nicole Tennison.


“Like Charlie Brooker raised Tracy Emin’s and Sarah Lucas’ love child.” - Laura Zerebeski, artist

“Impactful and sincere. We are confronted with Sára’s own experience with love, madness and social media, leaving us questioning our own exposure.” - Camille Vernet, filmographer

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