Canvas Collage + Inspiration

As I develop my paintings into more complex psychological portraits, I find myself drawn to the idea of deconstructing and then reconstructing work. There is a Vancouver-based artist named Adam Lupton currently working towards his MFA at the New York Academy of Art. Over the course of last summer, he created multiple paintings using the same composition, but with varying degrees of expressive paint application. The end result was a woven canvas collage, hand stitched, messy, and visually interesting. 

Adam has a distinctly different palette from my own mild obsession with pastels, fauvist tones, and fluorescent pigment. The weaving of the separate canvasses together along with the haphazard stitching is hardly my style. Much more methodical and perfectionist, I gravitate towards another Vancouver-based artist, Colleen Heslin, for her dyed fabric, well-orchestrated colours, and seamless machine sewn work. 

In ways, I gravitate towards combining the look of Colleen's sewing, with the initial technique behind Adam's multiple painting combination. Needless to say, I'm on the lookout for a sewing machine!