Patreon Buyers Program

You've either come here directly from my Patreon page or you've stumbled upon this unlisted page (kudos, I am impressed). This post is simply to get into some details and questions I feel may come up regarding Patreon and the buyers rewards.

How does it work?
On my Patreon page, you'll see a few rewards labelled with "buyers program". These rewards allow you to use your Patreon pledges as a bank to accumulate funds that you can cash in for a piece of art. I want art to be accessible, and it's a lot easier to think about when you're putting $5 away at a time instead of spending $500 all at once.

Who is eligible?
Patreon subscribers from the U.S. and Canada. Nothing international at this time.

But it's in U.S. currency and I'm Canadian. Our dollar is the worst right now.
True. Have no fear - I'll be converting your USD pledges into CAD each month based on the current exchange rate as long as you have a Canadian mailing address for the work. However, I will not be transferring USD pledges into CAD for U.S. buyers as shipping to the U.S. costs more regarding art, insurance, and potential brokerage fees.

How are you going to keep track?
Patreon is great in that it keeps a "lifetime balance" record in my dashboard. In your dashboard, you can see both your pending pledges and your completed pledges. You can keep track of the progress you are making through your own dashboard. If you ever have questions, you can ask me and I can send you a screenshot of your total. Once you cash in your balance, I have to manually keep track of your pledges in a spreadsheet.

What can I get?
I primarily produce paintings. They vary in size. Each buyer tier has a maximum size for a work. There are limits on sizes because I am including shipping as a perk to those in the buyer program.

Okay, but I want a bigger painting...
That's great! Send me a message before pledging and we can discuss the size you're hoping for. Please note that if you exceed the sizes listed for limits, you will need to pay for shipping and packaging costs.

What happens if I empty my bank?
When you empty your bank, I send you an invoice which explains in detail that your new buyers balance is zero, with a date. Once you cash in your balance, I have to manually keep track of your pledges in a spreadsheet. After you choose your piece, I require 7-10 days for properly packaging your piece, and shipping. If you are local, we can also arrange pick up or delivery. You can also change/cancel your pledge after you've cashed in your bank and aren't looking to accumulate funds towards another work.

Is shipping included?
Yes. Exception occurs when you exceed the listed sizes on the Patreon page.

Any other questions? Ask below!