Dear Squarespace, please fix it.

I had a panic attack in my studio. 

It's funny how we rely so heavily on certain technologies working that when they don't, the world feels like it's ending for that brief, almost melodramatic but a very real issue at the time, moment. 

My site and store is operated through Squarespace, and for the most part, I'm happy with their services. One of the features I "can't live without" is their Commerce app for my iPhone. It allows me to check and process orders on the go. I use it frequently when packaging up prints in my studio where I do not have a computer. I can check order numbers, contents of the order, addresses, and essentially get everything ready for pre-shipment. This is also really useful for when I'm at a shipping office because I can easily double check addresses if I'm printing the postage myself. It also allows me to instantaneously update the order status, provide the tracking number, and email the buyer. I can also check fulfilled orders, allowing me to keep an eye on international shipments and other tracking situations such as parcels that get stuck in transit. Phew!

Imagine if that product stopped working properly.   

I was packaging up Slow Kiss prints in my studio when I suddenly noticed I couldn't access all my pending orders to determine who got what print. No matter how many times I refreshed the app, logged out and back in, restarted the app or my phone, or even reinstalled the app, it just didn't work. I couldn't see any orders beyond yesterday. 

I tried reaching out to Squarespace via Twitter (they were predictably unhelpful) and email (they respond at an ungodly slow rate) with no avail. I tried anything I could to trouble shoot it. I looked up the only name I knew would have a pending order (thank you repeat buyers like Jessica!) and it was still listed as pending — just not in my pending tab. I decided to see if I could check fulfilled orders for names to continue my search. Nothing. The fulfilled orders tab had a measly ten orders from three months ago in it. 

This whole ordeal created such stress and anxiety that I had a panic attack in my studio.

Moral of the story? Maybe don't rely so heavily on technology. Nevertheless, this is a public plea to Squarespace to fix their app so it continues to work the way it used to, and allow users like me to remain calm.