August 23 2019 / Arts Factory Society

As ephemeral as the media it represents, artist Sára Molčan presents a new series of sixteen paintings looking at the way our careful curation of self and desire to remain ambivalent impacts our relationships. For one night only before disappearing like your favourite Instagram stories.

Paintings were activated by AR using EyeJack (available on iOS/Android).


Casually Indifferent

July 20-22 2018 / Arts Factory Society

Social media presence has become an endless performance, impacting how we identify with ourselves and our relationships. 

Is the self a fundamental lie? Have we trained our hearts to be cold and calculating? How does trauma factor in to the way we curate ourselves? What happens when our perpetual editing exits the virtual realm? 

These are questions artist Sára Molčan addresses in her new series of paintings, using her own redaction and self-restriction as a jumping point to examine the larger cultural question of curation. 

Casually Indifferent encapsulates how our relationships and connections are impacted when the pressure to “be yourself” permeates society and self-worth is measured in virtual likes.