Sára J. Molčan is a Canadian artist living and working in Vancouver, British Columbia. Molčan graduated from Emily Carr University of Art + Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus in painting.

Instilled with a painterly quality, Molčan's work is characterized by her essential pastel palette heavy with white, combined with splashes of bright neons (mostly pink) and muddy, muted neutrals. Facial features emerge from the layers of Molčan's work, creating a balancing act between figuration and abstraction.  

"As an artist, I’m fascinated by memory and how it shapes our identity. Over time, your mind can play tricks on you: reformulating what a loved one looked like, romanticizing past relationships gone sour, and preserving parts of memory in little packages. My work aims to impress upon the viewer what could be perceived as the radioactive byproduct of an idle mind that has been producing faintly recalled images for far too long. 

Unable to discern facial features from the metaphysical qualities of a person, the overlapping colours and gestures call to our own internal facial recognition processes. As you lose sight of what a person looks like, your mind simply begins to fill in what could have been through a form of psychological portrait. My work particularly plays with the idea of muddled psychology with the hint of facial features visible beneath the clouds of colour and fervent brushstrokes."

Molčan's work makes a statement on our emotional relationships with memory, exploring the tension between the unconscious memory and the reformulation of a personal psychology. Her work is held in private collections across North America. 

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